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Fic: 16/M/Lima,Ohio

Title: 16/M/Lima,Ohio
Author: gopie
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Kurt/OCs
Warnings: Non-con, violence, spitroast, humiliation, bondage, foodplay, object insertion, breathplay
Summary: Prompt from the Glee Angst Meme

A couple of years ago a woman was raped after her jilted ex put and ad in craigslist asking a man to fulfill her rape fantasy. Her ex-bf wrote out that the man should break in and take all the screaming and struggling as part of the act. Someone responded to the ad and raped this woman.

I want this to happen to Kurt. Somebody from school posts an ad online asking for a strong man to 'break in' and 'rape' him. The bully posts Kurt's picture and lists some acceptable times to stage the play.

Anon could let the man go through with it and then write a little about how Kurt and the bully feel afterwards. Or anon could have the unwitting rapist realise it isn't really play and stop

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And a mini poem sequel thing?
Warning: Facial scarring

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Fic: Letting Go

Title: Letting Go
Author: gopie
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Blaine/Kurt
Warnings: Desperation, watersports, diapers, humiliation
Summary: Prompt from the glee kink meme

At Dalton, Kurt had a very busy schedule. It was so busy, in fact, that he had no time to go to the bathroom during the day, and usually had to wait until classes were over. Blaine becomes concerned that it's not healthy for him to be holding on for so long, and tries to convince Kurt to wear diapers during the school day. Kurt, of course, refuses, but eventually gives in just to stop Blaine nagging.

But wearing them doesn't necessarily mean using them. Out of pride, Kurt still holds on every day, even when it's painful. Blaine finds out, and is frustrated. He holds Kurt back after classes have finished and refuses to let him go to the bathroom, kissing him and trying to get him to relax until Kurt has no choice but to use the diaper. As the pressure builds and Kurt becomes desperate, moaning and struggling to get away, Blaine uses some other tactics. He holds him tightly, tickles him, and pries his legs apart until finally, Kurt lets go. As it happens, Blaine comforts him and tells him that it's okay, to just relax.

Kurt is humiliated, and still tries to refuse the next day. Blaine repeats the experience, and says he will every day, until Kurt stops being stubbourn.

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Fic: I Was Made For You

Title: I Was Made For You
Author: gopie
Rating: PG
Pairing: Chris/?
Summary: Life is about finding your purpose. I found mine in him.

Life for me meant nothing before I met him.

Before, it felt lke I was just going through the motions. Moving from place to place, meeting people that didn't matter.

But then one day, he just came into my life. Out of nowhere.

And he smiled. And I wanted those lips around me.

Imagine my surprise when I realised, out of everybody in the room, that he was heading straight for me.

Unremarkable me.

He was coy, at first. I could see it in his eyes, he flirted with the thought of being with me, but there was something holding him back. This meeting, I knew it was only seconds, two minutes at best, before our moment would be broken. What more could I have done than I already have? My soul was laid bare on my sleeve, there for all the world to see. So I waited; it was his choice to make.

With elegant fingers, he reached for me. Touching. Here and there.

Hi, came the silent greeting. The acceptance.

Hi, I think back.

We meet at his work, the only place we could nowadays.

Whenever I don't see him, my life is filled with darkness. But then he's there and I could see the world.

We don't get to interact much, but it's fine. Sometimes I was just content to watch. Smiling, laughing.

Then one day I see him. And he's not smiling, or laughing.

I knew my part in his life.

I'm here for you.

And suddenly he's grasping at me.

Exposing me.

Putting his lips on me.

He's sucking out my soul.

I emptied myself inside him, every last drop of me.

He gives me a parting lick.

A satisfied sigh.

My life was complete.

- - -

Chris stepped out of his trailer.

"You okay?" Cory asked.

"Yeah," Chris said, crushing the empty diet coke can in his hand and throwing it in the bin. "Tired. Just needed a drink."